Demonstration & Training

Demo's & Training

With more than 150 systems running, over 1000 customers worldwide, and our commitment to quality and service, FST has invested in State of the Art demo Thermal Spray Systems at our NL, UK, and US sites. The installed systems includes most thermal spray processes, and in combination with robot, turntable/spray lathe, FST is now able to develop a wide range of coatings and applications for its customers. The system will be supported by a metallographic laboratory, completing our support capabilities.

The system allows FST to test equipment more thoroughly before it is being shipped to the customer. This quality assurance is another step in our commitment to deliver only the best possible product. By equipping our thermal spray facility with the various processes, FST offers customers the opportunity to “see, touch and feel”. A live demonstration gives the customer the best understanding of the product and its performance.

For more information please contact our Head Office.