Part Cooling

Part Cooling

Air distribution unit
Modular unit with separate connections for gun air jets, cooling stand with venture cooling nozzles and manual air gun. In case of insufficient compressed air pressure the pressure sensor built in this unit gives a signal to the robot controller. If required, the air distribution unit can be extended with additional modules/connections.

Cooling-standCooling stand
Type Venturi (4 nozzles total) are mounted on a separate and moveable post for optimal alignment of the cooling nozzles. Each cooling nozzle can be opened or closed with a separate manual valve. The cooling air supply to the external cooling jets as well as the gun mounted cooling jets can be switched on/off with a manual switch, or automatically controlled by the robot a part of the robot program.

Gun air jets
Connection for gun air jets with automatic valve operated with a manual switch or automatically by the robot as a part of the robot program

Manual air gun
A extra connection for a manual air gun can be added to the air distribution unit.