Overview thermal spray solutions from Flame Spray Technologies. 
Overview of materials and supplies from Flame Spray Technologies.

For every company that operates thermal spray equipment, a good and reliable supply of high quality consumable products is important to guarantee the best possible, and most economical performance of the equipment, and to ensure continuous production.

Overview of Coatings & Services by Flame Spray Technologies. 

Together on your side

FST and H.C. Starck have signed a materials and technology partnership to jointly develop the market, and provide technology to this market through joint know-how and knowledge.

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We are now able to offer

We are now able to offer

ZrO2 - 7% Y2O3 Plasma Densified
Hollow Sphere Powder
according to GE specification 
50TF278 Class B - AMPERIT® 831.290
50TF278 Class C - AMPERIT® 831.774

Ultra High Pressure HVOF

Ultra High Pressure HVOF
FST’s Advanced Bio-Ethanol HVOF Technology will be introduced to the market as the eGun UHP/HVOF (Ultra High Pressure HVOF) Torch.
More about eGun >

FST becomes member of Netherlands Aerospace Group

FST becomes member of Netherlands Aerospace Group
The Netherlands Aerospace Group is proud of being able to support the strong Dutch aerospace cluster on the global market.
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