egun hvof spray gunThe 3MBT is a heavy-duty, extension plasma spray gun that is widely utilized throughout the thermal spray industry, and has been selected as the equipment of choice for a wide variety of coating applications.

Modular construction allows for easy maintenance of major gun components. Nozzles and electrodes are simple plug-in/pullout assemblies that require no alignment or adjustment.

The 3MBT is based on the design of the reliable 3MB plasma spray gun, a proven performer throughout the thermal spray coating industry. The 3MBT uses many of the same parts as 3MB series guns, including gun components such as nozzles, electrodes, powder ports and O-rings.

When coating internal surfaces as small as 100 mm (4 in) in diameter, 3MB series parameters can be used as a starting point for the 3MBT torch.

Features & benefits 3MBT ID-Plasma Spray Gun

  • Powerful (40 kW @ 100% duty cycle)
  • Versatile coating choices using a full complement of coating materials for practically any application
  • Applies high-quality TBC ceramics and associated bond coats
  • Coats internal geometries as small as 100 mm (4 in)
  • Spray angle of 90° or 30°
  • Uses many of the same spare parts as 3MB series guns, reducing the number of spare parts to stock
  • Uses standard 3MB series plasma spray parameters for many applications, reducing parameter development time
  • Inexpensive operation using low-cost nitrogen as the plasma spray gas
  • Low operating cost per hour

pdf3MBT ID plasma spray gun


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