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FST has started to develop a High Voltage Plasma Torch with the goal to further develop the plasma technologies available today. Through this page, we would like to provide information on the technology and the development progress on FST's cGun™ during the next period.


Conventional Torch/System disadvantages

  • Drifting and instability of plasma parameters resulting in the inconsistency of sprayed coatings
  • Relatively low deposit efficiency (e.g. an average DE for TBC is at a level of 30-50%),
  • The high operating cost resulting from low DE, high flow rates of expensive plasma gases, the relatively short life of electrodes on a level of 10-30 hours and some other reasons


Potential High Voltage Cascaded Plasma Process Advantages

  • Process stability results in coating consistency, a minimum level of rejected parts
  • A wide operating window provides with presently unavailable, attractive new plasma parameters and related advanced coatings.


Cost reduction due to;

  • Higher deposit efficiency
  • Lower energy consumption
  • Lower plasma gas flow rate, inexpensive gases
  • Longer life of replaceable electrodes/parts (Amp's cause wear)
  • Higher production rate due to higher spray rate and DE

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