Laser Cladding Technologies (LCT) offers a complete range of laser cladding powders including Metals, Alloys and Carbide blends. Please contact our LCT team for advice or a quote for your laser cladding application.


laser cladding powders


Typical laser cladding powder which FST offers, among others, are:

  • Cobalt-based alloys
    Alloy 1, Alloy 6, Alloy 12, T-400, T800, etc...
  • Nickel-based alloys
    Alloy 625, Alloy C-276, NiCrBSi, NiCrSiBCuMo, etc..
  • Iron-based alloys 
    Stainless steel 316L, Stainless Steel 431, etc…
  • Carbides and Carbide blends
    • Cast Tungsten Carbide (CTC) / Fused Tungsten Carbide (FTC)
    • Spherical Cast Tungsten Carbide (sCTC)
    • Macroline Tungsten Carbide (MTC)
    • Carbide blends like CTC/NiSF52HRC 60/40%, etc...

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