egun hvof spray gun

The DJ2700 HVOF spray torch has been developed to produce high integrity coatings of metals, alloys, superalloys and carbides. The DJ2700 uses either natural gas, ethylene, propane or propylene as fuel. Coatings sprayed with the DJ2700 exhibit high density, low oxide content, good microhardness and high bond strengths with excellent machinability. The DJ2700 process uses oxygen, fuel gas (natural gas, ethylene, propane, or propylene) and air to produce a high-pressure flame, which provides uniform heating of the injected spray material. The gas stream is accelerated through a converging/diverging nozzle to supersonic speeds. The gas stream propels the powder particles towards the substrate. Individual particles deform plastically upon impact, tenaciously bonding the coating to the substrate. These coatings are very dense, with low porosity, predictable chemistries and fine, homogeneous microstructures. The axial powder injection focuses the coating material within the centre of the flame, reducing coating material buildup on the walls of the extended air cap and minimizing nozzle wear. As the Diamond Jet® process operates at high pressure, controllers and powder feeders are specifically designed for this HVOF process.


Features DJ2700

  • Produces coatings for wear, corrosion and other surface functions that resist the harshest of service conditions.
  • Coatings are dense, low in oxides, high hardness, low residual stress within the coating structure.
  • Coatings have very high bond strengths, up to 75 MP (10,000 psi).
  • Smooth ‘as-sprayed’ surface finishes can be used as-is for many applications and reduce processing when post-coat machining is necessary.
  • Surfaces can be machined to high finishes and tight dimensional tolerances.
  • Easy to maintain with modular gun hardware that is simple to remove and replace without additional tools.
  • Water consumption for water-cooled guns is minimal with only potable water quality required.
  • Axial powder feed reduces coating material buildup on the extended air cap, increasing gun service life.

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