Hydraulic piston rods are utilized in a broad variety of industrial areas such as civil, industrial and offshore. A hydraulic cylinder is a mechanical moving mechanism that gives a force through a stroke. Smooth and hard surfaces are required on the outer diameter of the piston rod for proper sealing. Typically piston rods are hard chrome-plated, but in the production of hard chromium plating hexavalent chromium oxide is produced. Hex chrome is a well-known carcinogen. Thermal spray offers several alternative superalloys, ceramic or carbide-based coatings as a replacement for hard chrome plating. Thermal sprayed surfaces resist aggressive environmental conditions such as wear and corrosion. Many thermal sprayed coatings outperform the hard chrome plated coating.

Typical thermal sprayed Hydraulic Piston-rods in the industry:

  • Cranes
  • Dams and Sluice doors
  • Vessels
  • Excavator
  • Mining equipment

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