FST has succeeded to integrate a “Go/ No-Go” sensor into its system which operates both in manual and automatic mode. The sensor and its controls are called the Accuraspray 4.0, in reference to ensuring the spray process accuracy.


Operating principle

Before the torch is placed on a component to be coated, the spray plume is analyzed. An alarm is triggered when the spray plume properties move outside the predetermined acceptance range. This way of pre-monitoring ensures that the spraying conditions are optimal before a part is placed in the torch for coating. Operators are automatically notified if spraying conditions are not within predetermined process windows, reducing the risk of failure, ensuring coating quality and increasing production speed.


The plume is analyzed by measuring particle speed & temperatures and plum intensity, density & deviation. Now your operators can react and readjust before the process falls out of its green window and significantly improve your process CPKs and PPKs.


Suitable for HVOF, Plasma and Multi process systems

The Accuraspray 4.0 can be integrated in all new HVOF thermal spray, Plasma spray and Multi process systems of FST. If you would like more information about the integration into an existing system, please contact FST.


Sensor for optimal spray conditions

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