FST successfully started the first Coating Machine™ | Type II and did complete its initial production run. Production output level exceeded expectations. This Coating Machine ™ | Type II is a real asset for any coating application where parts need to be sprayed in medium to large batches.


The machine is a very complete - plug and play – thermal spray production unit designed to service a wide variety of markets. The autonomously operating unit is engineered with standardization in mind, whilst providing customers multiple options to accommodate their specific needs.


View the Coating Machine™ Type II in action


Three different configurations

The Coating Machine™ is available in three different configurations and is fully compatible with all conventional coating processes including: HVOF, APS, Flame Wire Spray, Flame Powder Spray and Arc-Spray. Typically, the system will be operated using FTS’s state of the art Digital 50 Series process controllers.

More information?

Read more about the system on our Turnkey systems page or contact your local FST Sales Engineer.