Increase your productivity, process efficiency and operator safety with FST training courses and demonstrations. FST offers a variety of courses which can be specifically tailored to meet your specific requirements. Applying thermal spray coatings in an efficient manner requires knowledge about the basic materials, tools and system operations. To produce high quality coatings consistently as efficient as possible, with minimum equipment break-downs, you need highly-qualified trained operators. FST offers excellent practical training. One of the key points is how to operate the machine in the most safe and efficient way. Your operators will become totally familiar with the process. With well-trained operators you will get cost savings for your business and more out of your investment. FST provides professional training courses either at your site or at one of our local offices. The course will be adapted to your specific needs, combing theoretical content with practical hands-on training using your system installed for factory acceptance tests or our demo equipment.

Your benefits:

  • Improves overall productivity and efficiency
  • Reduce waste and material usage
  • Increase production efficiency and throughput
  • Increase safety for operators to avoid injuries and facility damage
  • Save time and money


FST demonstration and training services include:

  • General introduction to thermal spray
  • Plasma Spray Process, Tips & Tricks
  • HVOF Spray Process, Tips & Tricks
  • Thermal spray equipment gun maintenance
  • Thermal spray equipment powder feeder maintenance
  • Powder Manufacturing, Morphology and Spray-ability
  • Metallography – understand coating properties
  • FST Equipment Training Programs
  • Application development & engineering



pdf System Service, Maintenance & Calibration

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