FST is proud owner and patent holder of various innovative research and development (R&D) products. FST works with a group of dedicated highly qualified engineers and scientists worldwide. Ideas provided by the market are turned into inventions, which give both FST and their customers a competitive advantage. FST R&D projects are increasingly emerging from collaborations with external partners such as academic institutions, universities, research institutes and other experts in the industry that are active in the field of science.


FST is original equipment manufacturer and patent holder of various in-house developed technologies. The innovative and sustainable eGun high velocity oxygen fuel (HVOF) technology is developed by FST and enables our customers to increase coating quality while at the same time reducing production cost. Furthermore with the eGun being the first liquid fuel technology running on ethanol, FST contributes to environmental sustainability.


Another development, FST’s 50 Series, The Digital Series - is designed to meet today’s Industry 4.0 and internet of things (IIoT) requirements. The Digital Series simplifies connectivity with other parts of today’s modern production facilities and the overall production environment. This technology can lead to significant increased process efficiency and productivity. The Digital series systems run on FST Horizon operation software which can be extended with several other Horizon software modules.


FST is currently in the final stage of development of the cGun, a higly stabilized cascaded plasma technology.


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