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AWS-300 Arc Spray System

  • AWS-300-1 AWS-300-1

FST’s AWS-300 Advanced Pull (Model 310) or Push-Pull (Model 320) Arc-Spray System is a performer, consistently delivering high-quality coatings with minimal operator adjustment. Its advanced power supply technology allows for fully adjustable parameters through a one button operation. Parameter can stored (to 999 custom programs).

The robust Arc-Spray Torch is designed for optimized particle atomization and spray pattern distribution, ensuring optimal coating quality. High deposition efficiency and good bond strength, uniform microstructure and excellent machining properties are common to the AWS-300 Advanced Arc-Spray System.

The AWS-300 Advanced is an extension of FST’s Arc-Spray Product offering, including FST AWS-400. The no-nonsense, AWS-400 Arc-Spray system is FST’s push system, widely used for general engineering applications. The AWS-300 Advanced is FST’s Push or Push-Pull Arc-Spray system using advanced power supply and control technology, and finds its applications where coating quality and consistency is of great importance.

AWS-300 Advanced main features:

  • CE compliant
  • Available at Pull Systems (Model 310) or as Push-Pull System (Model 320)
  • Handheld or machine mountable
  • Multiple spray patterns
  • Precise feed wire positioning
  • Readily interfaced with automated systems
  • Robust design
  • Simple parameter adjustment (one button operation)
  • User-friendly menu with preset options by one-button operation
  • Up to 999 custom programs storable
  • Cored wires can be easily sprayed to high quality
  • User levels selection via software or key switch
  • Software is easily updatable via USB
  • Parameter back-up via USB
  • Worldwide use (3x 208V, 3x 380V, 3x 400V, 3x 460V, 3x 575V; 50/60 Hz)
  • No sensitivity to power fluctuation thanks to advanced power supply technology
  • Interfaces: Pro-finet, Interbus and Pro-fibus etc. possible upon request
  • Clear display of process parameters

  • AWS-300-1 AWS-300-1
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