Tecnar Accuraspray 4.0

Tecnar Accuraspray 4.0

FST has taken the integration of Tecnar Accuraspray 4.0 to a different level, with full integration in the production system with GO/NO GO signal based on the reference signal.

With the launch of Tecnar’s New Accuraspray 4.0, FST is now able to Real-Time fully automatically check Plasma and HVOF thermal spray system’s plum with only one unique sensor and confirms that the below parameters are within the set specification, before giving the system the go-ahead to start coating the part. Thus, reducing the risk of failures and increases coating quality and production rates.

  • Particle speed
  • Particle temperatures
  • Plum intensity
  • Plum density 
  • Plum deviation
  • Plum width

In addition to assuring that plum parameters are correct, the real-time availability of the Accuraspray 4.0 also helps with:

  • Reducing coating development costs
  • Reducing parameter development times

  • Increase coating quality and consistency
  • Reduce coating failures

  • Increase your earnings

Technical specifications

Sensor head
190 mm X 110 mm X 62 mm
7.5 in. X 4.3 in. X 2.5 in.

Power module
230 mm X 230 mm X 100 mm
9 in. X 9 in. X 3.9 in.

Measurement ranges
Particle temperature range
1000°C and higher at 3% accuracy
1832°F and higher at 3% accuracy

Particle velocity range
5 - 1200 m/s at 2% accuracy
16.3 - 3900 ft/s at 2% accuracy

Spray plume intensity and peak height 2% accuracy
Spray plume width & position 0.1 mm accuracy 0.004 in. accuracy

Measurement volume information
CCD camera field of view 400 mm
15.7 in.
Accuraspray measurement volume 3.2 mm DIA x 25 mm DOF = 200 mm3
0.1 in. DIA x 1 in. DOF = 0.01 in3
Substrate temperature pyrometer From -18 to 538°C
From 0 to 1000°F
Plant supplies
Power requirements 120 - 240 VAC,
50-60 Hz 5A
Air supply 1.35 to 2 bar (20-30 psi)
of clean dry compressed air

Get the Accuraspray 4.0 advantage:

Go for the universal solution:

Our NIST traceable accuraspray 4.0 sensor head can characterise all thermal spray processes, including suspensions.

  • Plasma
  • Suspensions (plasma and HVOF)
  • HVOF/HVAF (gas and liquid fuel)
  • Electric wire arc
  • Combustion flame

Be consistent every run:

  • Quicker spray parameters development
  • Extended lifetime of consumables
  • Enhanced coating reproducibility

Spray more efficiently:

  • More accurate forecasting of coating thickness
  • Less coupons required
  • Greater deposit efficiency

Monitor–anywhere, any time:

  • Web-based interface

Install and set-up yourself:

  • Easy set-up and operation
  • Online support and training
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