Thermal Spray Coating Systems & equipment

5PII & 6PII Flame Powder Spray Guns

  • 5PII & 6PII-1 5PII & 6PII-1

Flame Spray Technologies offers complete Combustion Powder Spray Systems. The FST Flame Powder Spray Guns are precisely engineered production flame spray systems. The Flame Powder Spray Systems can be configured for either hand-held or machine-mounted/robotic operations.

FST supplies all necessary equipment to optimize the use of a Flame Powder Spray System, including:

  • Flame Powder Spray Guns
  • Gas Control systems (Flow tube or Mass Flow Control).
  • Hoses and Cables
  • Powder feeders
  • Engineering and Integration
  • 5PII & 6PII-1 5PII & 6PII-1
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