AWS-400 Arc Spray Gun

AWS-400 ARC Spray Gun

There are no moving drive components in the gun to wear out, thus reducing its weight significantly (gun weighs less than 3 lbs.). The absence of moving drive complements virtually eliminates maintenance costs and downtime. Not only are there no moving parts in the gun, but no air cap or front wire guide adjustments are required, providing repeatable high quality coatings year after year. The AWS-400 delivers optimal airflow and atomization with a variety of air caps that are designed to produce the correct spray pattern for any job. From the High Velocity Air Cap featuring Converging/Diverging Air Chamber Geometry to the Fan Spray Air Cap, which provides the largest spray pattern.

AWS-400 Arc-Spray Gun

  • Self-aligning air cap and wire guides
  • Lightweight, long lasting design (less than 3 lbs.1.36 kg)
  • Dead-man switch for hand held applications
  • Full-function point and shoot trigger
  • Simple interface to external controller
  • 1.6mm (1/16”) Standard hardware