Acoustical spray booth

Our customized booths are constructed with a modular panel design. Each panel is manufactured from a sandwich construction with a packing of sound-absorbent materials of different densities layered between an outer sheet of galvanized mild steel and a perforated steel inner lining.

Booth dimensions, layout and colour are customized to customer specifications.

All cabins are equipped with air inlet and outlet attenuators/silencers matched to the airflow capacity of the applied spraying process.

The cabin can be equipped with single or double leaf door or with sliding overhead doors for easy loading of the parts using the overhead crane. The doors are heavily sealed to keep the noise durable inside.

The doors and walls can have windows with safety and shaded glass. The cabin has all required penetration feed-throughs for extract ducting, electrical cabling, etc.

The booth panels and doors are constructed to minimize the breakout noise. The entire booth, including attenuators, are selected to limit breakout noise to approx. 75 to 80 dBa at 1 meter from the spray booth.