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Chiller / Cooling systems

FST has a complete product line of chillers in the performance range of 30 – 200 kW in cooling capacity. The cooling units are compactly designed and offer maximum performance at a minimum amount of floor space. All models’ sophisticated industrial design points to the great range of innovations incorporated into these powerhouses of the latest chiller generation.



To ensure that you get exactly what you need, the products in the FST chillers model portfolio come with a great variety of options and special equipment. The configuration options cover various thermal spray processes to select the required equipment package specifically for the respective customer demands.


FST chillers focus on the highest quality. Thanks to the cooperation with the most renowned component manufacturers and consistent quality management, FST chillers guarantees maximum product quality.

Energy efficiency
As different thermal spray processes frequently show load variations, the thermal load is usually not constant either. Consequently, today’s chillers are often bigger than actually necessary for a major share of load profiles. Up to now, this has often entailed relatively high emissions and excessive energy costs. FST chillers apply RPM-regulated components and a control system developed to automatically adapt the cooling capacity to the thermal spray process load profile. This means that the system generates only as much capacity as is needed.

An E-Pure system and filter module can be integrated into the cooling water circuit of the heat exchanger to guarantee and maintain constant water quality. This unit continuously filters and conditions the cooling water to prevent mineral deposition on the contacting surfaces of the torch. Such deposits can form a thermal insulator that reduces the heat transfer and cooling efficiency resulting in a reduced lifetime of nozzles and electrodes. The E-Pure system also maintains a stable electrical conductivity of the cooling water, which further contributes to an increased lifetime of nozzles and electrodes. The cooling water conductivity is constantly monitored and displayed.


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