Thermal Spray Masking


Masking Tape
Flame Spray Technologies delivers only tape qualities that live up to the demands of Thermal Spraying.

Plasma Tape DW 500

  • one step plasma masking tape constructed of a silicone rubber/glass cloth backing coated with an aggressive high-temperature silicone adhesive.

HVOF Tape DW 501

  • a laminate of blue silicone rubber, glass fabric, 4 mil aluminum and glass fabric designed for severe duty including GF-HVOF applications.

Plasma/HVOF Tape DW 411

  • is a heavy (4 mil) aluminum foil/glass laminate with a high temperature silicone adhesive.

Plasma/HVOF Tape 900.020

  • High Temperature Copper Foil masking tape has been specially designed for extreme applications such as HVOF.

Masking Compound FST
Masking Compound

  • Two Component Silicone Polymer Compound. Masking of complicated geometrical components becomes easy and intended for HVOF Thermal Spray Masking Applications.

If products other than listed above or Approved (GE, Pratt & Whitney, Rolls Royce, etc..) are required, please contact our customer support team.