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Cold Gas Spray

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Cold Gas Spray

Typical coatings

  • Ductile materials & alloys, Zn, Al, Ni, Ti, Cu, Ag, NiCr, CuAl, MCrAlY’s, etc.
  • High end materials: Nobium or Tantalum

Main applications

  • Electrical and thermal conductivity
  • Pre-placement of solders
  • Corrosion protection
  • Dimensional restoration

What is cold gas spray?

Cold spray can be considered as a new “HVOF” technology where the kinetic energy is increased while the thermal energy is lowered. With Cold Spray it is possible to spray virtually oxide free coatings.

The coating material particles are being accelerated in a heated gas stream (600 °C), up to a particle velocity of >1000m/s. The extreme high particle velocity combined with the low particle temperature results is very dense and oxide free coatings.

Applications are found in the automotive industry, corrosion protection and electronics industry.

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