plasma spraying

cold gas spray graphicTypical coatings

      • Ductile materials & alloys, Zn, Al, Ni, Ti, Cu, Ag, NiCr, CuAl, MCrAlY’s, etc.
      • High-end materials: Niobium or Tantalum


Main applications

      • Electrical and thermal conductivity
      • Pre-placement of solders
      • Corrosion protection
      • Dimensional restoration

What is cold gas spray?

Cold spray can be considered as a new “HVOF” technology where the kinetic energy is increased while the thermal energy is lowered. With Cold Spray, it is possible to spray virtually oxide-free coatings.

The coating material particles are being accelerated in a heated gas stream (600 °C), up to a particle velocity of >1200m/s. The extreme high particle velocity combined with the low particle temperature results is very dense and oxide-free coatings.

Applications are found in the automotive industry, corrosion protection and electronics industry.


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