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Ethanol as a fuel choice:

  • Cost:
    Ethanol is a low cost non-petroleum fuel
  • Widely Available: 
    Ethanol is produced around the world and easily available
  • Consistency: 
    Ethanol is a very consistent fuel providing repeatable & reproducible coating (C2H5OH)
  • No Ash Formation:
    There is no potential for contamination of a coating by carbon, even if fuel rich mixtures are used

Environmentally friendly: 

  • Sustainable fuel life-cycle
  • 100% natural product
  • Carbon neutral
  • The cleaner HVOF liquid fuel alternative
  • The fuel of the future
  • 30% less toxic emissions than a petroleum based fuel


  • Ethanol is a relatively safe fuel 
  • Ethanol is approved as an indoor table burner, heating or cooking stove fuel
  • Less toxic fumes and particulate matter


  • Local Laws do apply since ethanol is alcohol

More efficient combustion

Smaller chamber

Less cooling power required

Operating Window: 
Ethanol allows combustion mixtures that are oxygen rich or neutral as well as fuel rich, this significantly increasing the operating window in comparison with kerosene, creating new advanced coatings opportunities.

The eGun™ torch design operates a high combustion chamber pressures resulting in higher particle velocities.

Ethanol HVOF
9 bar   = 150kw 27kw to water
11 bar = 184kw 33kw to water
13 bar = 216kw 39kw to water

eGun™ flame studies:

  • Higher combustion chamber pressures, higher particle velocities
  • At 13 bar combustion chamber pressure, average particle velocity for WC/CoCr -45+15µm of >800m/s 


Jeff Kenny, President, Coastal Hydraulics

Reduced cost: (when compared with kerosene processes)

  • Regional lower cost fuel
  • Up to 2 times lower cooling power required
  • Half the oxygen consumption
  • High deposit efficiencies

Process benefits:

  • New combustion chamber design incl. pre-combustion chamber
  • Reducing atmosphere capabilities with ethanol creating new and unique coatings opportunities
  • Large operating window
  • Cleaner more efficient combustion
  • Higher available combustion pressures to create new advanced coatings.
  • Easier to create an optimum balance between thermal and kinetic energy
  • Consistent fuel  = repeatable & reproducible coatings

Some customer feedback:

  • Operators love to work with the eGun™
  • Softer, more consistent starts
  • Easy to maintain
  • Cleaner gun parts
  • No smelly kerosene spills
  • Smaller and lighter torch    
  • Less heat impact on parts
  • Excellent target efficiency
  • Lower extraction requirements than other LF system

eGun™ implementation since 2014

Already over 25 systems sold

eGun™ parameters AMPERIT 558.059 –WC-CoCr 

  • Barrel length 100 mm
  • Oxygen flow 530 l/min
  • Ethanol flow 28,8 l/hour
  • Carrier gas flow N2 6,5 l/min
  • Spray distance 300 mm
  • Feed rate 75 gr/min

Coating properties

  • Porosity <0,2%
  • Oxides content <1%
  • Micro Hardness 1316±62 HV0.3
  • Bond strength >75 MPa
  • Ra as sprayed 1,7±0,1 µm
  • Residual stress    compressive