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The 25-Series: AP-25 Plasma Spray System

  • AP-25-1 AP-25-1
  • AP-25-2 AP-25-2
  • AP-25-3 AP-25-3
  • AP-25-4 AP-25-4

We set ourselves the challenge of producing a simple yet flexible, high tech system which our customers can rely on. The result is the new 25-Series equipment from FST.

The 25-Series is a result of carefully listening to our customers and combining their comments with our years of experience in system design and manufacturing. We can now offer a system that delivers advanced features with a “traditional feel” while adopting the latest technology to ensure the best quality coatings in a safe and economical manner.

The AP-25 has the ability to operate and control most commercially available plasma guns including:

  • 3MB, 3MBT
  • 9MB
  • F4, F1
  • SG100, 2086 Ext, 2700 Ext

The i makes the difference
We understand that not all customers have the same needs or processing requirements when it comes to thermal spray. To help address this situation, the HV-25 is being offered in two variants.

25-Series : Price – Performance
25i-Series : Price – Performance – Control

The standard 25-Series uses mass flow meters while the 25i-Series uses mass flow controllers. The difference with the AP-25i is that parameters are closed-loop controlled and safeguarded. With the AP-25 the parameters are only safeguarded.

A typical AP-25 Plasma System consists of the following main components:

  • AP-25 Controller
  • iPS80 or iPS50 Power Supply
  • Jam Box
  • Plasma Torch incl. hoses & cables
  • Powder feeder

The AP-25 is able to operate with the FST-20C/FT Powder Feeder or the PF-50 Powder Feeder.

Features Summary

  • Easy to use modern technology and process visualization . . . but with a traditional feel
  • Remote access through the use of eWon (optional) for remote troubleshooting / service and software updates
  • Available in AP-25 and AP-25i configurations allowing the choice between mass flow meters (parameter safeguarding) or mass flow controllers (closed-loop control and safeguarding)
  • E-Stop and external e-Stop integration
  • Metric or imperial unit display
  • Parameter storage
  • Multi-language selection
  • Multiple voltage: 100– 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz for worldwide usage.
  • CE conformity. UL conformity upon request
  • Powder feeder integration
  • Integrated compressed air valve (optional)for cooling air jets (on / off)
  • Automatic torch ignition
  • Warning alarms to ensure the safe operation of the AP-25
  • Assembled using only first class materials to ensure product reliability.
  • AP-25-1 AP-25-1
  • AP-25-2 AP-25-2
  • AP-25-3 AP-25-3
  • AP-25-4 AP-25-4
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