Gun & part manipulation equipment

FST gun and part manipulation equipment precisely controls the movement of the workpiece and the relative position to the spray torch. All FST equipment is specifically designed to work in the harsh thermal spray environment. Besides a range of standard manipulation equipment, at FST we know that our customers often require custom designed manipulation equipment unique to the specific process requirements and production volume. During a system project our engineers and designers invest time getting to understand your unique needs and requirements so they can develop a truly custom solution. We pour the utmost care and attention to detail into creating designs that meet your specific requirements. Once you approve the design, our manufacturing teams use the final designs to create high-quality, highly durable custom manipulation equipment that will enhance your daily operations.


Large or small, high volume or low volume, cylindrical, flat, simple or complex—no matter the shape, size or geometry of your part, FST part and gun manipulation equipment helps you achieve a consistent coating on even the most non-uniform surfaces. FST supplies basic manual turntables and manipulators to sophisticated robotic systems and custom-built manipulation systems that meet your unique requirements. The range includes, but is not restricted to:


  • Turn tables - Spray lathes
  • Multi-spindle add-on
  • Multi-spindle turntables
  • Carousel loading system
  • A combination of above


Component manipulation features:


  • Fully master slave integrated
  • Stand-alone controlled
  • Multi-axis robotic manipulation
  • Accurate indexing and positioning
  • Payload and speed design flexibility
  • Safety alarms and E-stop interlocks
  • Zero speed monitoring
  • Automatic coating thickness measurement

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