Grit blasting equipment

Grit blasting equipment

Grit blasting is often used for cleaning, activation and roughening the part surface prior to thermal spraying. FST offers a complete range of grit blasting equipment.

Blast cabinets
Blast cabinets can be used for a virtually unlimited range of applications. There is a place for a blast cabinet in almost every factory, repair shop and laboratory. The abrasive blasted through an injector gun falls into a funnel, from where it is sucked back into the gun through a hose. The dust created by blasting is removed in a dust extractor.

Dust free blasting units (mobile)
Dust free blast machine are designed for the surface treat of surfaces. These machines consist of a portable frame (chassis) on which the blast pot with pre-separator and vacuum source is mounted. Also included are a moisture separator, pressure regulator and pneumatic deadman controls with timers. To maintain a constant abrasive quality, the pressure pot is combined with a hopper with sieve, which can be cleaned easily and an adjustable high flow separator. The vacuum source and cartridge filter are placed on a sturdy frame with dust bucket, to assure easy disposal of the extracted dust and moisture.

Blasting Rooms
Blast rooms are built to the dimensions required for the objects to be blasted. In principle, therefore, they are available in all sizes. Blast rooms can be supplied complete with lighting, switch board, protective rubber sheeting along the walls, component handling equipment, etc.