Turn-Key Systems

Turn-Key Systems

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Flame Spray Technologies has designed, manufactured and installed many Turn-key systems & projects all over the world and for different industries and applications

Turn-key coating systems are fully engineered and integrated facilities, designed to offer tailor-made and best practice solutions. Typically, a system includes the core coating and control equipment, and all required peripheral components, such as sound-proof cabins, robots, turntables, dust collectors, etc. These components are fully integrated for operation in automatic mode. This also allows the user to monitor and control the operational status, and all alarm and e-stop features.

Turn-key project overview

  • Engineering & design
  • Thermal spray equipment
  • Project Management
  • Installation
  • Training
  • Final acceptance
  • Know-how transfer / Qualification
  • Maintenance / Service

Thermal Spray Processes
FST offers the full range of Thermal Spray process equipment. Besides stand-alone units for Plasma, HVOF, Powder/Wire Flame, or Electric Arc spraying, also Multi-Process Systems can be provided, such as our sophisticated MP-50. This modular system can handle several processes with only one controller. The PLC-based MP-50 also controls the functions of all peripheral systems. Because of the extended experience and expertise available within FST, especially in the field of coating applications and related production and product requirements, a transfer of technology and know-how can also be offered as part of the Turn-key Project.

Service & Support
After installation, Flame Spray Technologies can offer the customer specific application know-how, parameter and component development, process optimisation, robot programming, and many more services. This enables the customer to start with his production soon after final acceptance, without having to go through the “learning-curve”. The main key to the successful realisation of our Turn-key Projects is the fact that FST has proven to be an experienced, reliable, and knowledgeable partner for Turn-key Systems, Thermal Spray equipment, Materials and Service.

Safety & Quality
Flame Spray Technologies is committed to implementing the highest safety and quality during designing, manufacturing and installation of our systems. Only first-class components are used, while the smart system and software design together with integrated sensors and e-stops assure the safest possible operation. The system layout and customer set-up is engineered to reach the most efficient operation and effective production. After installation of the equipment, dedicated training is provided on system operation, maintenance and Thermal Spray technology, as a natural part of the entire project.