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The 50 Series: HV-50 HVOF Thermal Spray System

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The HV-50 is a stand-alone single process, mass flow controlled (MFC) HVOF coating system. Built using only state-of-the-art components and technologies, the HV-50 is designed to be both reliable and functional and can be used in every type of HVOF application ranging from R&D, single piece production to high volume production.

The HV-50 has the ability operate and control most commercially available HVOF Guns including:

HV-50-LF Liquid Fuel HVOF spray guns:

  • eGun™
  • JP-5000(*)
  • Other liquid fuel HVOF spray guns on request

HV-50-GF Gas Fuel HVOF spray guns:

  • Diamond Jet Hydrogen (**)
  • HV-2000.

(*) JP-5000 is trademark of Praxair
(**) Diamond Jet is a trademark of Oerlikon Mecto

The 50-Series system performance level is a choice
Today people like options for the very simple reason, no person or company is the same. Every person/company, therefore, look for features that are important for them (Why pay for a feature if you are not interested?). FST offers the possibility to choose the features that matter to you. Like any other company choosing your processes, torches and feeders, is common practice. But choosing your system performance level to suit your need is new.

The following 50-Series Performance Levels are offered:

Basicthe essentials at a sensible price!
Professional what the professional expects!
Advancedthe highest performance and quality control tools in combination with full integration, of peripheral equipment and more!

The features of the 50-Series equipment are listed and described in detail in the corresponding SprayTech’s: 01.30.200 50-SERIES Std-Proff-Adv.

Safety Matters
The HV-50 is engineered, designed and built to be the safest HVOF system available on the market today. This is achieved by using the latest safety standards, modular construction separating gasses and fuels from the electrical parts, the use of only first-class materials and integrating PLC controls and monitoring of all parameters such as gas pressures and flows, water temperatures, and combustible gas monitoring. Safety interlock integration and e-stops with external equipment such as cooler, part- and gun manipulation units come standard with the system.

The HV-50 HVOF System consists of the following components:

  • HV-50 Touch Screen Control Console (floor standing or wall mounted)
  • HV-50 Electrical Module
  • HV-50 Gas Control Module
  • HV-50 Jam Box
  • HVOF Gun* (JP-5000, Diamond Jet)
  • FST-20C/FT Powder Feeder or PF-50 Powder Feeder
  • All required hoses and cables.

HV-50 HVOF Mobile System
The HV-50 is also available as a mobile version. The Electric Module, Gas Module and Jam Box are manufactured and joined together to form one strong mobile system. Ridged wheels are mounted under the system and by using a handle, mounted on the front, the system can easily be moved around any shop to any location. The operator touch screen is mounted on top of the unit and can be turned to the optimum position for the operator. A high-pressure water pump is mounted on the back of the unit for convenience.

  • HV-50 HVOF system-1 HV-50 HVOF system-1
  • HV-50 HVOF system-2 HV-50 HVOF system-2
  • HV-50 HVOF system-3 HV-50 HVOF system-3
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